Early Christmas Present ;)


Guess what I got you for christmas? A nice snug chastity cage. Oh, I see it fits. Click!.. Who knows maybe i”ll unlock you on valentines day.. or maybe not!


I want to unlock you but….


Honey… I was thinking it wa a good idea to unlock you today and give you an orgasm… But you don’t want to cum do you? Afterall, if you do this nice throbbing feeling in your cock will go away.. And we don’t want that!




Nop… I am not letting you cum anytime soon… Actually, you will never cum again! But you can clean my pussy with your tongue after I am done with my bull!

I think…


I think I’m going to lock your tiny cock and make you my new slave.. I know this is what you want to be happy… to be eternally locked and denied!