Time to get yourself a chastity cage and become the sissy slave you were destined to be !


There are many varieties of chastity devices, but the few people who have heard the word ‘chastity device’ probably either don’t know much about them or simply have never heard of the concept of a penis chastity cage for men. Chastity cages are designed to stop the wearer from engaging in sex with anybody, and some are even thorough enough to keep them from touching themselves. Many people will have heard of the old fashioned idea of fathers and brothers locking way a woman’s virginity to keep them safe or keep boys from being tempted by them. However, these days when someone keeping their virginity for long is a rare thing, chastity devices have come into their own as a kinky sex toy.

There are some couples who use it to secure loyalty and sexual monogamy from their partner, but that’s rare compared to the much larger number of people who use it as a BDSM sex toy. Penis chastity devices used to wrap around the hips, a bit like a giant set of leather underwear with a cage to secure the cock. However, since there’s nothing sexy about a leather girdle that probably weighs too much to drag around with you all day, luckily modern chastity devices are a bit more lightweight and ergonomic.

The common penis chastity device that you will find in sex stores are usually made of plastic, and often easy to get out of despite their purpose. Much like handcuffs made specifically for sex games, the purpose of this is to avoid the awkward and embarrassing process of calling out a locksmith or limping to the local ER. These sort of things are cheap to buy and great if you’re just beginning to explore the area of restraining and restricting yourself or your guy, or if you’re not sure about wrapping your dick up in something and being completely unable to get out of it, but where’s the fun in that? It’s much better to buy something less likely to break and a little more restrictive, giving you the real feeling of abandoning control of your own manhood and prohibiting sexual release.

The real penis chastity enthusiasts usually go for something a little more substantial. Price wise, you can certainly spend a lot of money on a chastity device if you order one hand made from various metals. That way you’ll have your very own penis chastity cage that will fit you like a metal glove, and can be as tight or as loose as you feel comfortable with. However, if like the rest of us you don’t want to spend your life savings on something designed to get you off, penis chastity devices don’t have to cost the earth.
A common style is to have a cage around the shaft that prohibits any kind of sex or masturbation, and leads to the base of the shaft before the balls. Another metal or plastic ring is placed around the testicles and the cock, and the two are padlocked together, making it impossible to remove unless you have the key. There are some truly ingenious variations of this design, which consider important factors like a hole to piss through for long term use, the tightness of the shaft once erect, and the amount of stimulation you can get while wearing it.

The six designs mentioned below are all designed and sold by a company called Koala Swim, which has an online retail store that distributes across the world. Between them, they cover every type of design that you could want, and range from full coverage to light coverage so that they cater for almost all guys who are into penis chastity. Some even consider the size of the guy who’s wearing them, so you won’t feel uncomfortable. This works at both ends of the size spectrum, whether you’re small but you crave the tightness of metal around your dick or you’re huge and you don’t want to do yourself any damage while keeping things locked up.

1.       Brutal Cage

Top of the penis chastity cages is the ‘Brutal Cage’. I can’t help but love this design. It’s not often that you get a penis chastity device that holds your dick straight out at a ninety degree angle to your abdomen, whether it’s hard or soft. I’ve got to give extra credit to the designer for getting the size just right. I don’t know whether there were a series of scientific trials with willing volunteers and a range of different penis chastity cages (if there were, I can only long to be a part of the next trial), but the Brutal Cage walks the delicate line between too lose and dangerously tight.

As a result of its shape, you don’t want your dick to look like a cowed small animal when you’re wearing it and you’re flaccid, hiding at the end of the cage. Also (and possibly more importantly since you don’t want to squeeze your cock to death) if you’re on the large size and this penis chastity cage makes you harder than you’ve ever been before, you don’t want it to look like a sausage wrapped up tight in string. Magically, the Brutal Cage steers clear of both of these danger zones, with a brilliant design that’s deliciously tight without sending you to the emergency room.

The Brutal Cage has a grid pattern in metal with a glorious gold finish, and a neat little lock to keep it in place at the base of the penis. Slide your penis into this penis chastity device and you’re unlikely to ever go soft.

2.       Man Cave

If you want to reach a whole new level of sexual torture, there’s the Man Cave. We’re talking about a penis chastity cage that removes every last bit of control, by locking away your penis in a solid metal tube. There’s no chance of getting relief with this, and it looks absolutely stunning. If you’re feeling generous, you could remove the cap at the end (that allows you to urinate as well, since many guys like to wear them all day) and gently tease the head, but if you don’t have the key, you can write off pleasuring yourself.

The Man Cave also has a gold finish and a lock at the base where it’s held around the base of the dick and balls. It bends down like a tap, so that when you’re hard you can feel yourself being held in place. I don’t know about you other penis chastity enthusiasts, but I’ve been looking for a complete penis coverage device for a long time now. The trouble is that usually you get stuck with something that you can only wear in private, but the Man Cave is unobtrusive enough that you might be able to wear clothes over it. It’s certainly possible to move around freely with it, which is perfect for those public humiliation enthusiasts out there!

3.       Ring-Master Cock Cage

The Ring-Master Cock Cage gets third place simply because it looks so good. It’s the kind of chastity cage that you can tease yourself with, but it’s deliciously tight! A series of rings circle your shaft down to the head, where it’s possible to urinate through the device without removing it. This is one of the few penis chastity devices that also comes in various sizes too, with 1.5, 1.75 and 2” rings around the base of the penis where the balls and penis are gathered.

I can’t get enough of this design, especially the way it looks and feels. It’s also one of my favorites to wear out in public under my clothes, because it’s not obvious through baggy clothes and the rings give constant gentle abrasion against the shaft of your penis. Once again it bends downwards, giving your dick no choice but to face down, however hard you get.

4.       Man Slut Cock Cage

The Man Slut Cock Cage is a penis chastity device that reminds of me of the constriction of prison, with vertical bars running down the length of the penis. Once again you can use this to piss, but don’t expect to do anything more than that, because it’s impossible to relieve yourself without the key to your lock.

As well as the unique design, the Man Slut Cock Cage attracts me because there’s a sensation of tightness where the shaft cage ends and the base ring begins, trapping your ball sack tightly. In contrast, the shaft cage of this penis chastity device is actually forgiving enough to let even large guys get hard, so it’s the perfect choice if you just can’t take the idea of being so restricted.
5.       Manless Ultra

I’m not usually a fan of plastic penis chastity devices. I have to say that the Manless Ultra isn’t my favorite, but I simply can’t help but slip into it when I feel that I need a particularly intense feeling of restraint. It’s completely clear plastic, with a shaft with a tiny hole at the head to allow urination. This is one of the tightest penis chastity cages I’ve ever worn, which is certainly an achievement! There’s a clear ‘Look but don’t touch’ approach to this penis chastity device, which makes it impossible to even tease yourself. The values of clear plastic can’t be denied, and this is the device you should be looking at if you’re feeling in need of some extreme restraint, because you completely give up control and your manhood when the lock clicks into place.

6.       Half Pipe

Finally, we have the Half Pipe, which is a great little penis chastity cage but unfortunately comes bottom of the list. This is only because I love the Man Cave too much to give this wonderful little cage the attention it deserves. There’s half coverage of solid metal, from the base of the shaft where the cage is locked in place, down to a point just short of the head of your dick.

Of course, the more imaginative of you out there will have already thought of the opportunity for teasing and torture! With the top of your penis sticking out of the Half Pipe, you can tease one of the most sensitive parts of the penis without giving yourself any real satisfaction – keeping yourself constantly on edge. This is a case of a brilliant design, that unfortunately I don’t use often enough because the Man Cave is a slightly more brilliant design, giving you the option of teasing or a complete lack of access to your own dick.

This range of penis chastity devices really is unique and different enough that I don’t regret buying a single one of them. The most important thing about locking your manhood away is to know your limits – especially if you have someone else holding the key. A lot of men who are into this particular fetish of restraint and surrendering control want to be pushed beyond their limits, but it’s never a good idea to have the key to your freedom completely out of reach – even a safe word might save you if you realize that you’ve gone too far.

However, as long as you know what you’re doing, penis chastity is a minefield of sexual pleasure to be explored. There’s nothing hotter than wearing a penis chastity cage and knowing that somebody else holds the key to your sexual satisfaction. You can’t satisfy yourself, and in a device like the Man Cave it’s impossible to do more than tease yourself – if that. There’s the tight feeling of metal pressing in all around you, and the growing sensation of being trapped as you grow hard inside it.

Penis chastity devices are more than just an unusual fetish, they pose a window into a loss of control that is part emasculation and part pure sexual thrill. Most guys don’t know how great the sensation of not having control is until they try it, and penis chastity cages are an exhilarating, exciting way to try giving someone else the key to your manhood.

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